Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're back

Ok, so it's been some time since I wrote some stuff. Well, that's cuz not much has gone on. So an update on Meadow's potty training. I can sum it up in one word....Finished! And not finished as in all she needs to do now is flush the toilet. Finished as in I have cleaned up too much pee and poop on the floor to continue on with the process. The last straw was actually kind of funny. When she jumps off the toilet she kicks some litter out onto the floor. She then pushed that litter, which was about 10 little pieces, into a pile and proceeded to pee and poo on that. Needless to say, that little bit of litter failed to soak up anything. Well, after cleaning the rugs, her towel, and the floor more than the toilet litter box, I was done. She is now a happy lil camper with her long lost friend back...the litter BOX. ha ha I know she is too old to grasp the concept, but I would have always wondered if it could have happened. Now we know.
My birthday was this past Wednesday. It was just another day. Cam worked, I sat home and we went and got sushi that night. I guess it's true what they say...the older you get, the less special your birthdays become. I did, however, get many birthday wishes, cards and gifts, for which I am truly grateful. Thank you again to everyone for the birthday wishes.
Cam and I have a lot to look forward to. My cousin Erica is coming to visit at the end of this month. (Less than 2 weeks!!!) Then, my friends Kelly and Jenn are coming at the end of Feb.. Leo and Leslie are coming the end of March and my mom is coming at the end of April. Cam just talked to Carla, and she said they are looking into coming too. I am so excited. All these guests show just how blessed we are to have such great friends and family.
Well, tomorrow I am on a mission. My mission is to find a job. I'm in a kinda weird situation though. I don't want to get a job and then have to work the whole time everyone comes to visit, so I'm cautious about where I work. I want them to understand our situation and work with me, but I also don't want to be that employee who takes off of work every other week. We shall see what these places that I have written down say.
I asked Cam if he wanted to say anything in the blog. He said, "Tell everyone I'm gonna look shredded the next time they see me." We are getting back in the gym, cuz he is getting ready for Leo's Bachelor Party, which is a cruise. He also said I was taking good care of him. Cooking good meals and cleaning the apartment. I have been on a cooking trip. Using the cookbooks we got for Christmas. I'm learning different things, slowly but surely. Cam is taking good care of me, too. He has a lot to deal with when it comes to me, cuz I have been so homesick the past week. Knowing that I have no plane ticket home scheduled, pretty much makes me even more homesick. I miss you guys a lot! I'm gonna stop talking about home, before the tears come. Anyway...
I have been doing some Mary Kay. Attending my meetings and going to retirement communities. It has just been really hard for me, because as outgoing as I am, it is really hard for me to talk about Mary Kay to people. It's hard to explain.
I am going to take some pictures of the apartment and the new decorations that we have thanks to our Christmas presents. I want ya'll to see what ya'll helped us get. The only things that we have left to get are a kitchen table (which we have picked out), shower curtain for the guest bath and a brown comforter for our bed (also has been picked out). Those things will come in time. Well, I'm off to hang out. I'll post some pics later.

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  1. maybe if i get a job soon i can be the visitor at the end of may!

    good luck tomorrow finding a job!

    miss you guys!