Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know ya'll had a lot more snow at home, but just wanted to share with ya'll.

So Cam gets home from work and takes off his suit and is left with his long johns on. Well, yesterday he was doing some work on the computer and I looked over and busted out laughing. He went out to his car like this and stayed like it:

Long johns tucked in the socks cuz they are too short. Flip flops with socks and big coat on. There are so many things wrong with this outfit. HA HA Gotta love him.


  1. Once the snow piles up you need to make a snowman and send us pics. Hopefully there will be snow when Erica gets there.
    The apt looks nice with all your new decorations!!!
    Love you

  2. Cam....what are you doing with yourself?