Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to a lot like Christmas

Well after getting lost like four times, we went and got a GPS for my car. The driving around here is ridiculous. Pretty excited about it. So, now I can start driving more. I already have three places to go within the next two days. All Mary Kay stuff!!! Cam starts going to see all his docs again tmr. Slinging drugs, slinging drugs.

So tonight we found probably the biggest Christmas Tree ever and took a bunch of pics. Here they all are:

This is random, but it is to show everyone that I forced myself to cut an onion. I always use onion powder, but I'm trying to cook a lot better. Cam taught me that if you light a candle while you cut it burns off the acid that makes your eyes hurt. So this is me actually cutting an onion to go in our hamburgers. Ok, so he did help me some. My eyes are sensitive!!

1 comment:

  1. Ok, the onion cracks me up, because I am the same way! I always ask Adam to do it!

    Good luck with your Mary Kay business! I hope it goes well.

    That Christmas tree was amazing! All the toys were great except for the REALLY creepy doll. Parker would have been in heaven! I would have had to have found a way to take home the giant train and robot!

    I'm glad y'all get to go home for Christmas. I wish I would get to see y'all too! It's been too long!