Thursday, December 18, 2008

I can hear home (LA) calling

I decided to wait to post a blog about last night and today until I calmed down a lil bit. It is official, the worst drivers in the world are here in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is a good thing I don't carry a weapon in my car, because I would have had to use it today. I went to Pennsylvania today by myself for the first time. I had an appointment with a Retirement Community there for a Mary Kay demonstration. (more on the later) Apparently it is ok to cut people off and make a left turn from the middle lane, almost side swipe me like 50 times even when I honk, and then continue to come into my lane. I really hated driving in PA, can't you tell? So I made it to the Retirement Community, thanks to my GPS, and proceeded to search for a close parking spot cuz my feet were killing me in my heels and I had a lot of stuff to carry. No such luck. I walked up and down the hill with products, which I failed to sale. So I set up my little table and did a few demonstrations and then a lovely ray of sunshine graced me with her presence. I explained to this little elderly lady what products I would use on her hands, etc. and she says with sarcastic tone, "Wow, that is so exciting, I think I might puke." I just looked at her and thinking to myself, 'I refuse to ever be that bitter.' (Well, I'm bitter when it comes to driving around here, but whatever) Well, eventually she let me use the Satin Hands on her hands and her attitude faded, but that might be cuz I gave her one back. Another lady had me figure out how old she was cuz she couldn't remember and needed to find out. After I told her she was 90 years old, she said "Ha I'm still a hot bitch for being 90 years old." We got along great. She even hugged me goodbye. Well, I didn't sell anything, drove in hell, dealt with cranky ladies, but I made it home and soon or a later I will see the good in today. I'll let ya know when I do.

Last night was a lot of fun. I went with Cam and his boss and another rep to a Christmas party that they were throwing for one of their docs. Good company, good food and good beer, so it was a good night. Tomorrow I have another appointment with a Retirement Community I already visited. Saying a prayer that it goes better than today.

Cam is enjoying his job. He loves the flexibility and he looks so handsome and professional when he is all ready for work. :) Maybe one day he will write a blog about all he does at work.

Here is a video of our progress with Meadow's potty training. There is a litter box in the toilet that has very little litter left in it. I have been taking some out everyday. She has a problem with standing on the rim to go. Right now she stands in the toilet, but soon or a later there will be water in there. Hope she keeps using it. At the end, it looks like she is sitting there, but she is really peeing. Here is the video:


  1. Thanks for the video Lizzie! I had a good laugh. I had always heard you can potty train a cat but never actually saw it in action. Awesome!! Anxious to see some posts from Cameron. Miss ya'll

  2. I am pretty sure that is considered aminal abuse! How would you like it if you had to pee bad and it took you 1 minute and 19 seconds because you had to balance on a toilet seat! Uh huh I hope you feel bad! HAHA