Friday, August 7, 2009

Our Jersey adventures are ending...

Well, we are moving back home with only our hopes and dreams in tow. No jobs, but saying prayers every single day that things start falling into place for us. Everything happens for a reason, right? I'm a strong believer of that. We picked the week of August 24 to start making our trip back down there. Not looking forward to our 19 hour drive home with 2 cars and one cat, but our end destination is home, so it will all be worth it. Leslie and Leo are awesome and are letting us stay with them for a little while. We just appreciate that more than you know. Well, I definitely didn't think we would be here for less than a year. Moving up here, we thought we would be here for about 2 years. Oh the drive up here! After driving 19 hours, one $300 speeding ticket, and helping with CPR on a person on the side of the interstate, we made it to New Jersey. Right when Cam said, "Take a right up here. Our apartment is on this street", I just started bawling! I just wanted to be back home with everything and everyone I was familiar with. Everyday was another day of crying, regret and anger. I was pretty bad off for a couple of months. If I talked to you, you heard how horrible everything was. ha ha Not sure how I made it, but I did. And now, it's coming to an end. I just looked back on all the pictures from our time here. There were a lot of good times. We met some great people, saw so many momumental and amazing places, and explored places that I never thought I would see. Looking back, I am so glad that I was able to tough it out and step out of my comfort zone in order expand my horizons. I have experienced it, learned from it, and can say that I have lived in another state, which is something I never thought I would or could ever do. I am going to miss the beautiful weather, being so close to NYC and other unique places, the friends I have made, and of course Wegmans (That store is awesome!). ha ha I know everyone is gonna be so happy to not hear me bitch anymore about missing home, but I'll be happy to not feel like bitching anymore, too. It hasn't been as bad as I made it seem. I just am so close to my family and friends and it took me a very long time to adjust to being so far away. Of course I would start getting used to being up here when we are planning to move home. I guess that's just how it goes. We're going to keep praying that we find careers that we love in Baton Rouge and begin the process of starting over AGAIN! ha ha "Live, laugh, love"

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  1. Lizzie enjoy yourself. Take the time to enjoy the ride and sites along the way. We will miss you here in NJ. Sometimes having an open mind and agenda allows the Lord to do his work. I'm sure that you will find terrific jobs and be better people for having this experience.