Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still can't get over the snow

I know ya'll have seen snow, been in it and have taken your own pics, but I still love it. It snowed ALL day yesterday and last night. It is just so pretty. Here are some pics from our balcony. I want to go play in it so bad, but don't have anyone to go with. :( Cam is working and if I go by myself I'm gonna look like an idiot, because I have not seen one person playing in it. They really don't understand what it's like to never have snow like us Louisianaians. ha ha

So when Cam came home from work, he said we could go to Cooper River and play in the snow. He made my day!!

I guess playing in the snow wore him out.


  1. i'm jealous! if i was there, i'd totally play in it with you!

  2. Ya'll shoulda made a bigger snowman!! Just too lazy to scoop up more snow to roll up the balls big enuf. I an envious!!!
    Love ya'll